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A grain of flavour, a stem of freshness

The Bogemans farm is above all a love story: that of a couple who fell in love with the land of Quebec 70 years ago. Then they loved the work of this same land and dreamt of sharing their good products and heritage with those who are dear to them. Today, led by the passion and expertise of their granddaughter, the Bogemans farm evolves and adapts every day to current challenges to cultivate fresh quality products. In 2021, the Bogemans farm gives birth to La boîte VAM, the culmination of a philosophy: regularly delivering a dose of happiness.

Committed eco-responsible

The earth feeds us all. However, farmers have a greater responsibility for it and a unique mandate for consumers. We, the artisans of agriculture, have the duty to maintain and cultivate our land to feed the growing population healthily. This task must be accomplished while improving the life of the soil and its very structure by taking actions with a minimum yield to the environmental impact ratio.

Our agriculture is sustainable and reasoned

We take into account the environment, the needs of the plant, the nutritional quality of the soil, but also any invaders that can be very present in the face of our beautiful sweet edible plants. We believe in sustainable and reasoned agriculture. Here on the farm, we justify every activity with proven actions before being spread throughout our system. For this, our agronomists draw up the plans with us, face the vagaries of Mother Nature at our side and support us in successes and setbacks.

Our commitments throughout the year

• Optimize natural resources, especially the use of water
• Minimize chemical inputs
• Promote the transparency and traceability of our products
• Valuing natural pollinators thanks to the beehives of the Bee Sanctuary installed on the farm
• Promote natural pollinators thanks to the bee sanctuary hives installed on the farm
• Compost organic waste to naturally enrich our soils
• Limit GHG emissions
• Promote biodiversity and the conservation of natural ecosystems
• Offer and maintain optimum working conditions while participating in the development of the local economy

We take care of our soils

Our soils' health is a significant concern on which we are working to promote a virtuous, respectful and sustainable cycle. Our practices in this area help support a healthy food system while conserving biodiversity and minimizing climate change. With this in mind, Ferme Bogemans was selected as an innovative farm, part of the Equiterre showcase project, on soil conservation.

Finally, we are proud that our farm is a member of the Régénération Canada organization to join the movement to promote healthy soils and sustainable production.

Making our children aware of the importance of healthy eating

We are working hand in hand with the CPE La P'tite Caboche to widely introduce healthy eating habits in the Montérégie households. We organize a workshop on agriculture to educate the youngest about the origin and the stakes of their food.

Thanks to our partnership, the CPE La P'tite Caboche offers daily fresh seasonal products directly from our farm to their little residents. It is also an opportunity for interested parents to come and collect a green basket in one of their five establishments.